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Jeff and Jane Daley started their careers in real estate after taking early retirement from the corporate world. They enjoy partnering with clients to meet their goals in real estate. Their success in getting it done right for their clients is their belief in education. University and formal real estate courses have been imperative in staying up to date for the benefit of their clients and their business. The Daley's started in real estate in 1999 and have helped hundreds of clients buy or sell their homes successfully. Their fiduciary responsibility to their clients is always a top priority. MILITARY SERVICE: Jeff is a U.S. Army combat veteran and served with distinction in Vietnam. Jeff and Jane Daley located their business in Scottsdale, Arizona. Their team also serves the adjacent communities of Carefree, Cave Creek, Chandler, Glendale, Mesa, Paradise Valley, Phoenix. Jeff is also available as a media resource for interviews and/or articles.
19 06, 2017

Buying Means Cheaper Than Renting Now by 33.1 Percent | Winfield Estates

By |June 19th, 2017|Buyers, Jane and Jeff Daley, Jeff Daley, Luxury Valley Homes, Winfield Estates, Winfield Real Estate Arizona|0 Comments

Buying means cheaper - The results of the latest 12 Key Differences show that home ownership remains cheaper than renting with a traditional 30-year fixed rate mortgage in the 100 largest metro areas in the United States. Stats actually show that the range is an average of 3.5% less expensive in San Jose (CA), all the way [...]

11 03, 2017

Home Theater: How Much Does It Cost to Install the Components? – Winfield Real Estate Scottsdale Arizona

By |March 11th, 2017|Home Improvement, Jane E Daley, Jeff Daley, Winfield Real Estate Arizona|2 Comments

Home theater have changed over the years. At its core, it includes a high-definition TV, video and stereo equipment, and surround sound. With the nuance of new technology, it can also sync with the internet to get immediate access to favorite TV shows, and movies at the touch of a button. The cost of a [...]

1 03, 2017

Make Your Home Safer: Top Home Security Tips You Need To Know

By |March 1st, 2017|Community Information, Jane and Jeff Daley, Luxury Valley Homes Scottsdale, Winfield Real Estate Arizona|0 Comments

Make your home safer - No matter where you live, your age, life stage, the square footage of your floor plan, or type of neighborhood, staying safe at home is a priority for all of us. And you can go out and spend thousands of dollars on security measures or do-it-yourself it at all, but [...]

25 02, 2017

Vietnam War Summary: Jeff Daley – Vietnam Combat Veteran

By |February 25th, 2017|Jeff Daley, Luxury Valley Homes Scottsdale, Vietnam War, Winfield Estates, Winfield Real Estate Arizona|0 Comments

Vietnam War Summary Vietnam War Summary - Those that have followed our blog know that I deviate from our market news from time to time and speak to a topic that I am passionate about - The Vietnam War. One of my battle buddies sent me the video that follows that represents a summary of [...]

26 10, 2016

Distressed Property Sales Hits New Low –

By |October 26th, 2016|Buyers, Jane and Jeff Daley, Luxury Valley Homes Scottsdale, Real Estate Market, Winfield Estates, Winfield Real Estate Arizona|1 Comment

Distressed Property Sales - The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently released their latest Existing Home Sales Report revealing that distressed property sales accounted for 4% of sales in September. This is down from 7% in 2015, and is the lowest figure since NAR began tracking distressed sales in October 2008. Below is a graph [...]

26 09, 2016

Home Sales: Soften Further in August 2016 –

By |September 26th, 2016|Finance, Jane and Jeff Daley, Real Estate Market, Winfield Estates, Winfield Real Estate Arizona|0 Comments

Home sales eased up in August for the second consecutive month despite mortgage rates near record lows as higher home prices and not enough inventory for sale kept some would-be buyers at bay, according to the National Association of Realtors®. Only the Northeast region saw a monthly increase in closings in August, where inventory is [...]

18 09, 2016

Tim Kaine vs Mike Pence: Voting Record in Political Office

By |September 18th, 2016|Political|0 Comments

Tim Kaine Tim Kaine Political Experience Tim Kaine Senator, United States Senate, 2012-present Chair, Democratic National Committee, 2009-2011 Governor, Commonwealth of Virginia, 2005-2010 Lieutenant Governor, Commonwealth of Virginia, 2001-2005 Mayor, City of Richmond, 1998-2001 Councilman, City Council, Richmond, Virginia, 1995-1998 Education JD, Harvard University School of Law, 1983 BA, University of Missouri, 1979 [...]

16 09, 2016

2nd Amendment: Should it be Protected? – Supreme Court May Say No

By |September 16th, 2016|Jeff Daley, Luxury Valley Homes Scottsdale, Political|0 Comments

2nd Amendment: This is a topic that has been of interest over the past few years and we find that today it is more important than ever. While vacating the 2nd Amendment would require the other 50 states to agree it can and has been attack on several fronts. These attacks have come from the legislative, [...]

5 09, 2016

Baby Boomers: Finding Freedom In Retirement –

By |September 5th, 2016|Baby Boomers, Buyers, Jane and Jeff Daley, Luxury Valley Homes Scottsdale, Winfield Estates, Winfield Real Estate Arizona|1 Comment

Baby Boomers - Within the next five years, Baby Boomers are projected to have the largest household growth of any other generation during that same time period, according to the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard. Let’s take a look at why… Baby Boomers In a recent Merrill Lynch study, “Home in Retirement: More [...]

3 09, 2016

House Bubble: Definitely Not –

By |September 3rd, 2016|Buyers, Jane and Jeff Daley, Luxury Valley Homes, Sellers, Winfield Estates, Winfield Real Estate Arizona|0 Comments

House Bubble - There are some industry pundits claiming that residential home values have risen too quickly and that current levels are on the verge of another housing bubble. It is easy to see how this thinking has taken form if we look at a graph of home prices from 2000 to today. House Bubble [...]

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